Music Ministry

Chancel Choir

Our chancel choir provides at least four benefits of membership.

  • Provides the opportunity to contribute significantly to the worship experience of the congregation.

  • Provides an opportunity for fellowship with a really neat group of Christians.

  • Provides an opportunity for singers to productively use a gift and talent they been given.

  • helps embed the Christian message in the singer’s mind in a more lasting way than any single sermon can.

Please come to rehearsal Wednesday at 7pm and give us a try.

Praise Team

We enthusiastically sing songs to inspire people to enthusiastically praise the Lord by singing along! Our Praise Team sing a variety of familiar praise songs along with classic & current hit songs that carry a universally positive message. Praise Team leaders; Dan & Karla Oleson Tritle also bring their own songs (some are Dove & Grammy eligibly nominated) to add to the team’s diverse song list

  • John Racine
    John Racine Organist
  • Dan & Karla
    Dan & Karla Praise Team Leaders
  • Donna Tritle
    Donna Tritle Pianist
  • Gary Jones
    Gary Jones Choir Director
  • Kathy Batman
    Kathy Batman Organist