Adult Ministries

Sunday School

The Chosen video & discussion the first two Sundays in February & again after Lent.

During Lent:  6 Decisions That Will Change Your Life

Grab a coffee and meet with Gary Jones in the SW classroom from 9:30-10:20.

High School Students are Welcome!

Bibles & Brews

Second & Fourth Thursdays at 6:00

Beginning September 14

Okoboji Brewing Company (OBC)

Enjoy Pizza and a Cold Beverage while learning Bible basics and discussing Scripture.  You don’t need to be a Bible Scholar or even be familiar with Scripture to attend.  This will be a safe place to learn more–not an in-depth theological study.  Grab your favorite Bible & join us!

Women’s Bible Study

Thursdays at 2:00

Five-Week Study Beginning April 11

Contact Tammy with questions and/or to purchase the $18 workbook.


What do you do when you gain hope–only to lose it again?  The cycle is exhausting:  seeing glimpses of goodness and trusting that God will come through, only for things not to work out. . .yet another time.  In these raw and painful seasons, most of us don’t want to admit to feeling upset, disappointed or angry, especially when it’s toward God.  But He is the very One who created emotions, and He has given us a guide in the book of Lamentations for what to do with them.  In the midst of situations that beg us to see God as anything but good, Lamentations provides a way to actually grow closer to Him.  This study is your permission to feel your feelings while still keeping your eyes on Jesus:  the greatest hope we have.

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