Join us in person for Sunday school, both worship services and Wonderful Wednesday groups! Masks and Social Distancing are required.
Sunday school is available for students Age 3 through Grade 8. 9:30 AM — Most Sundays September through May Register Today!


We have returned to in-building worship!

Masks and social distancing will be mandatory  for a while to come.

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Senor Cliff Hinderman will be joining us at both services on May 2.  Come and greet him and hear about his ongoing Mission with the Indian population in Oaxaca, Mexico. The Mission Team is requesting that Adopt-A-Day collected in the month of May be designated to Cliff’s Work in Oaxaca. This is to replace the funds usually raised through our Taco Lunch.

*A free-will offering taken on Sunday, May 2, envelopes provided, with proceeds going to Cliff’s work in Oaxaca.

Pastor Vicki will be offering a deeper look at the parables taught by Jesus. What is “the kingdom of
God” all about? What did Jesus mean by these stories? How can they help me grow in faith? How
can they help my family?
If you would like to go deeper, consider “Parables from the Backside, Volume 1” by Ellsworth Kalas.
We have copies in the office for $12 each.

May 9: Mother’s Day and Communion Sunday with a Baptism and Recognition
of Sunday School Teachers
Parable of the Talents Matthew 25:14-30

May 16: Graduation Sunday!
Parable of the Soils / Sower Matthew 13:1-9

May 23: Pentecost!
Weeds and Tares Matthew 13:24-43, Acts 2

May 30:
Prodigal Son Luke 15: 11-32

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Join Us on Sundays at 9:30 AM

Sunday School Ages 3 through High School


Our Wonderful Wednesday programming will resume Fall 2021

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United Methodist News
Listening to the Spirit: Vision
I have become my mother.
I used to joke with my brothers about how many pairs of glasses my mom had. At one point, there were five pair scattered throughout the house. Well, I am up to three: my bifocals and two pair of screen glasses – one for home, one for church. I found that trying to use my bifocals on the computer was giving me quite the crick in the neck and giving folks on Zoom calls an unpleasant view of the interior workings of my nose. I’m well on the way to becoming my mother.
Every once and a while, I get up from the computer and try to do other work with my screen glasses on. It doesn’t go well. The world becomes a blurry, dizzying place. One day, I was halfway to the office at church, trying to figure out what was wrong with my eyes, before I realized I still had my screen glasses on. I’m nearing 50 and it shows…

I feel like I’m in a sort of blurry, dizzy space right now as a church leader. This past year, and even before the pandemic, was spent dealing with short term needs. At first itwas about building relationships  and trust, talking about grief, and working to get back on track with Healthy Church Initiative. Then it was about the pandemic and Zoom meetings, outdoor worship, family adjustments, National news, and how do we do this? It’s been a season of new ministries, teamwork, losses, stress, and conflict. I’m trying to lift up my eyes and look ahead, but I’ve been wearing my nearsighted glasses for so long, it’s taking some adjustments.

Looking ahead: One of the places where I see long-term vision at work is in our Ministry Advisory Council (our One Board). As we work together, we are creating a more flexible and resilient way of leading the church. It will have long term implications on church life.
Another place where I am adjusting my vision is to think about the fall and plan for a season of welcome and outreach. We are quickly moving from a season of great concern about the pandemic into summer activities. We are longing for a vaccine for our children and for the great sigh of relief that will come when the pandemic is a thing of the past. It’s a blurry season when wounds are still healing and I’m holding hope gently, like a small bird that might flutter away. Yet, hope might also be here to stay; resting upon our church like the Holy Spirit at Pentecost bringing a new beginning and new life. For now, my head spins just a little and I smile to finally be planning for normal.
Dizzy in hope,
Pastor Vicki