Endowment & Memorial Fund

  Spirit Lake United Methodist Church has needs beyond those which can be met by the annual operating budget. The Endowment was established to be distinct from annual pledging and special fund drives. The Endowment will provide long term fiscally sound investments for the benefit and betterment of the property and program of the church.

What is the difference between annual pledging, the Memorial fund, and the Endowment fund? Annual pledges are used to underwrite the operating budget of the church. The Memorial Fund May be earmarked to meet specific uses approved by the Memorial Committee. The Endowment Fund provides a general fund that is invested, the interest from which will be used to meet needs beyond those budgeted any annual pledges or funded through memorial gifts.

If you are interested in giving:

  • securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds)
  • life insurance
  • property
  • bequests in wills
  • trust funds
  • money

please call the church office so that we might direct you to the right person who can assist you as you make your decision.

For the Spirit Lake UMC to be strong, we need a strong foundation. Yearly pledging, memorial gifts and endowment gifts maintain that foundation and ensure a bright future

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