October is Pastor Appreciation Month!

The Staff Parish Committee will be hosting Appreciation Coffees on Sunday, Oct. 19th following both services with cake and coffee to show appreciation to Pastor Lon. Everyone is encouraged to join in, bring a card if you wish, enjoy some cake and extend your appreciation to Pastor Lon for his great ministry with us!


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All persons interested in becoming a member of the Spirit Lake UMC are asked to please let Pastor Lon or the Church Office know as soon as possible.  A New Member Orientation will soon be scheduled for October and we don't want to miss anyone -- thanks so much!    


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A Word From 

Pastor Ron Kitterman

 I have become painfully aware of the realities of my aging. So it is with sadness that I am going to say goodbye to you at the end of September. You and Pastor Lon have been so supportive of my ministry! And while I wish I could continue to be with you, I find the old saying “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” is true for me. I treasure our shared faith journey and will continue to pray for each of you and the faith journey we continue to make in Christ.                                  –Pastor Ron Kitterman


Pastor Ron has been a wonderful member of our church staff and his ministry in our church and community has been greatly appreciated – our thanks and prayers and best wishes go with him! The Staff/Parish Relations Committee is hard at work to fill this staff position and will keep the congregation informed as this process continues.

                                   --Ed Hansen, Chair of SPRC

                                                     Pastor Lon Lewis   

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 friday's men's group

with Pastor Lon Lewis

 Starting Friday, Oct 3 @ 7:00 AM

 in the Fireside Room

 The Friday Men’s group will resume this Friday, Oct. 3, at 7:00 am, in the Fireside Room. This is a group (men of all ages are invited!!) that meets for purposes of “pastry fulfillment” and fellowship time, followed by a NOOMA DVD presentation by Rob Bell and some discussion time led by Pastor Lon. No need to bring a thing – just come! NOOMA is a series of short films (12 min. each) that explore our world from a Christian perspective and invites everyone to search, question, and join the discussion.  NOOMA films are created and produced by Flannel, a non-profit organization committed to giving everyone a fresh and compelling look at the teachings of Jesus. We will dismiss absolutely no later than 7:45 am, to allow the men plenty of time to head off to work or whatever else lies ahead for the day!  

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Baby Blankets

We need Baby Blankets to give babies at the time of their Baptism. Money available for yarn.

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 The Best Yes!

Is it time to hit the pause button in the chaos of life? How do we do that when we are all so busy? Join me for this 6 week study as we learn how to find those unrushed moments.  You have many blessings in your life, but you will rush right by them if you don't introduce some intentionality into your everyday life.

       We will begin the week of October 13!

         Choose a time that works for you!

Mondays: 5:45-7:00 PM or

Thursdays: 2:00-3:15PM or

Fridays: 10:45 AM—Noon

To sign up: email or call Tammy or Betty at the church office.

Contact Tammy for more information. 


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Bell & Chancel


Wednesdays  @ 7 PM and 8 PM     

Both Bell Choir and Chancel Choir invite new members to join the choir for rehearsals Wednesdays @ 7 pm to sing in the chancel choir and 8:00 to play bells for the Bell Choir.

 Come and enjoy the experience ! 































































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On the corner of 18th Street
(Hwy 9/71) and Gary Avenue

1812 Gary Avenue
Spirit Lake, IA 51360
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