Stained Glass Windows

you enter the church from the East or West, 
                                                              you immediately become aware of the two stained glass 
                                                                         windows from the former church building.  

   On the East is the Shepherd window and on the West is the Resurrection window.  The Good Shepherd window was inspired by the story of Jesus in Luke 15:3-7 about the shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine sheep who are safe in the fold to search for the one who is lost.  The Resurrection window was inspired by the story in Matthew 28:1-7, which tells of the two women coming to the sepulcher and hearing the angel declare, “He is not here; for He has risen.” 
 The Resurrection also has two side panels.  The one on the left represents Christ's birth with the star and picture of Bethlehem.  The panel on the right, has the three crosses on the hill, signifiying his death.  Together the three windows symbolize to us his Birth, Death and Resurrection! Above the doors entering the sanctuary is a stained glass from the dome of the old church, given as a memorial to keep a little bit of history. 

 In the sanctuary of the church, you will see six faceted glass art windows following the theme: “God’s Covenant with His People.”  The two windows to the west represent the Old Covenant; the two at the front represent the New Covenant. And the two to the east represent the continuing covenant through the Wesleyan tradition to the founding of Methodism in Spirit Lake.  All of them together remind us that God is alive and active in our lives today as He has been since the beginning of time

The Creation window
depicts the story of Genesis 1:1-20.  The hand of God points downward from a cloud of glory and is surrounded by the nimbus with three rays, signifying divinity.  The band of blue denotes the sky and sea. The green represents land and growth.  The orange signifies the sun and its power.   The heavens with moon and stars were separated from the day and placed in the darkness of night.  “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good.”  Genesis 1:31.

The Moses window symbolizes God’s covenant – baby placed in a basked in the rushes, the burning bush experience at the mountain, and the Ten Commandments given at Sinai, as told in the Book of Exodus. 


The Christ window depicts the beginning of the New Covenant centering in Jesus.  The star symbolizes his birth, the blue river, His baptism in the Jordan, the cross His crucifixion at Golgotha, the butterfly is an ever present symbol of His resurrection.


 The Pentecost window shows the Descending Dove which represents the coming of the  Holy Spirit.  The Dove is also depicted with the nimbus representing divinity.  The Seven Tongues of fire are shown in the window to symbolize the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is in 1 Corinthians 12 are wisdom, knowledge, faith  miracles, prophesy and tongues.  All are inspired by the one Spirit which  is Love.  In this window is also a Fish, a symbol for Christ in the early church.  The Greek letters for ‘fish’ (ICѲUS) spell the first letter of each word in “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.”

  The Wesley window
reminds us of our Wesleyan beginnings with John and Charles Wesley in England.  The Open Bible symbolizes the source of the Wesley Wakening at Aldersgate Street in London of which John wrote in his Journal,  “I felt my heart strangely warmed.”  The musical notes remind us of the many hymns of Charles  Wesley which we  still sing today.  The symbol of the Globe being held by two hands represents the memorable statement of John Wesley, “the world is my parish.”


The Contemporary Church window shows the Cross and Flame symbol of  the United Methodist Church today, along with the image of the first Methodist Church building in Spirit Lake which was built in    1876-1877 at the corner of 17th Street and Jackson Avenue.


 The Educational Wing  has stained glass windows above the east doors and south doors.  The south door represents Matthew 19:14 when Jesus tells his disciples:  "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.".  And the east doors signifies that we should teach our children to sing and pray.   


 We hope that the next time you are at church you will take a moment to enjoy these beautiful windows and that they will be a constant reminder of our Christian heritage, enriching Worship and Christian Education for many years to come.



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